Distribution of groceries to GOMA victims by Earthlings Amado.

The location that Amado chose as the distribution location.
It was planned to be distributed to 10 households, but due to an overflow, the team distributed it to 30 households.
While distributing drinking water
We thank the Chikyuujin, Mr. Yamamoto, and Amado for this assistance.
After the disaster, we lost everything and became empty.
There are no blankets or even mattresses.
I’m starving and I’m asking you for food aid.
May you all have the blessing of God.
Thank you for your support, I received it from Earthlings and Amado right now today.
But I still lost everything and would like more help.
I would like sheet metal, portable bedding, blankets, etc.
We have lost everything and are in a serious situation.
The pot also has no mattress and is seeking further help.
We are still waiting for your help here.
Thank you.
Half of the GOMA people are in refugee status, please continue to support us.
Thank you for helping the GOMA victims of the Niiragongo volcanic eruption.