In GOMA, the day after the eruption of Nyiragongo volcano.

In GOMA, the day after the eruption of Nyiragongo volcano.
Lava destroyed everything on the road.

Because of the volcano, yesterday’s house became today’s stone.

I’m looking for an iron rod for the future.

All houses were washed away with lava.

Some waste is collected by the homeowner.

This is the house we lived in.

I sent my child to fetch water and let him drink it.

The uncle, who was stunned to see the mountains, told me.
I wondered if the house was on fire.

When I went outside, I saw the volcano burning. It turned out to be a visible, tense movement.

After calling on people, I called on people to observe this movement as well.

After being identified as a volcano, everyone was upset and each fled in their own direction.

During people’s general panic, children were separated from their parents and homes remained vacant.

But those who were a little calm and left the house open are back for a closed house.

We are very surprised at how the fire from the volcano reached us.

To my surprise at 7:30 pm, I knew I had to leave the city, but I didn’t know how to measure the danger behind me.

This is how we ask for help.
Everyone noticed that they were starting to burn out and left around 12:30 am.

According to the information, I didn’t know that the fire would reach us because I found that the lava was heading for Rwanda while I was distracted.

This is how we were surprised by the lava.

While I was looking for it, I threw everything away and didn’t have time to collect important things.

We still don’t know where our children are or in which direction they are heading.

We weren’t warned by the authorities, so we couldn’t prepare to escape in advance.

Nothing was recovered here, mattresses, clothing and other valuables were all burned down in the fire and nothing was recovered. Help me.

Other neighbors are in crisis and are hospitalized for it.

My name is her flaha. Magiengo
I’m from
We are fleeing from earthquakes and volcanoes.

I got help from an earthling and Mr. Doormad.

My name is Donato, from Turunga, fleeing the natural disasters associated with volcanic eruptions.

What happened on May 22nd?

Spend the night under the stars.

We suffered and we came out for no purpose.

Earthlings and Amado will help us. Otherwise, we will suffer a lot. Heaven will reward you.

We ask the President of the Republic and others in good faith to help us.

Because we have lost all our food, our clothes, our water.