Opened a corporate booth to the largest private-sector exchange festival in Japan

A corporate booth was opened at the Japan-Korea Exchange Festival held on September 1, 2019 at COEX D Hall in Seoul, Korea.

Event summary

The Japan-Korea Exchange Festival is the largest private-sector Japan-Korea exchange event celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2019. The meeting was threatened in fiscal 2019 due to the deterioration of Japan-Korea relations, but the chairman of the Japan-Korea Exchange Festival Management Executive Committee said, “It is meaningful to hold the Japan-Korea Exchange Festival just because it is such a time.” Fiscal 2019 was also held with strong will.At the Earthling booth, a section introducing Mr. Lee Hideken, who was victimized by the fall of a Shin-Okubo passenger on January 26, 2001, a section calling a professional illustrator from Japan and drawing a portrait, a local Japanese women’s organization A lot of Koreans and Japanese enjoyed the three booths at the booth, a corner selling Japanese sweets in collaboration with Lilac.