Expanding the common sense of “CHIKYUUJIN” to the world,Realize a society where people live together with nature and help each other.Thoughts on “CHIKYUUJIN”It is often asked what kind of values “CHIKYUUJIN” is.”CHIKYUUJIN” means people living on the earth,People living in any country are the same earthlings.In order to emphasize this common recognition and make it common throughout the world, we have adopted “CHIKYUUJIN”.We need weapons as long as there are borders, but we don’t need weapons if there are no borders.The value of “CHIKYUUJIN” spreads to the world, and the nations will no longer have conflicts and realize permanent peaceThe keyword is “CHIKYUUJIN”.To spread these values “CHIKYUUJIN” to the worldWe have started three main businesses in Africa, where nature remains.